Myers Education Press author refutes inaccurate Fordham report on teacher absenteeism

BOULDER, CO (November 7, 2017) – Teacher Absenteeism in Charter and Traditional Public Schools, authored by David Griffith and published by the Fordham Institute, compares average rates of frequent teacher absence for teachers with and without union or union-like contracts in public schools and charter schools.

Patricia Hinchey, Professor Emerita of Education at Penn State University, reviewed the report and found that it lacks support for its major claims, ignores known discrepancies in data, uses cited resources in highly selective ways, ignores large bodies of contradictory research, and draws unwarranted conclusions.

The study focuses on teachers who are absent for more than 10 days in a school year, contending that these higher levels of teacher absence substantively harm students and cost taxpayers billions of dollars. It finds that teachers contractually allowed more absences are absent at the “frequent” level more often than teachers allowed fewer absences. Based on these averages, the report assumes a causal relationship between the contracts and the absences, and it concludes that the higher average number of absences is uncalled-for—based on illegitimate reasons. The report recommends that contracts be made less generous.

Concerns about teacher absences, and more broadly concerns about classrooms without a full-time, certified and experienced teacher, can—if thoughtfully presented—be grounded in high-quality research evidence. But Professor Hinchey cautions that this report’s idiosyncratic use of the term “chronic absenteeism” misrepresents the data and, along with its use of graphics, appears intended to create a national alarmist picture about “chronic absenteeism” unwarranted either by the data or by other research. Accordingly, the report appears to be an effort to generate numbers and charts useful in discrediting teachers as irresponsible shirkers.

Find the review, by Patricia H. Hinchey, at: www.nepc.colorado.edu/thinktank/review-absenteeism

Find Teacher Absenteeism in Charter and Traditional Public Schools, by David Griffith, published by the Fordham Institute, at: www.edexcellence.net/publications/teacher-absenteeism

Myers Education Press at AESA!

Myers Education Press, will be exhibiting its first book, Getting to Where We Meant to Be at the 2017 AESA conference in Pittsburgh, November 1-5, 2017.

Announcing Launch of Myers Education Press

Maine-based academic publishing company offers international reach GORHAM, MAINE: Chris Myers, former Senior Vice President and Managing Director at Peter Lang Publishing, has announced the launch of a new academic publishing house, Myers Education Press, LLC. MEP will specialize in books, e-books and digital content in the field of education. Myers is launching the company with partner John von Knorring, President and Publisher of Stylus Publishing, LLC, which specializes in books and content in higher education and distributes world-wide, ensuring an international presence for the Maine-based company. Myers brings extensive experience to the new venture. He launched the education program at Peter Lang, where he published more than 1,500 titles over the course of the last 25 years. He has affiliations with a number of professional organizations and institutions, many of which have committed to working with the new company. www.myerseducationpress.com